What is The Mothers’ Room? Usually, of course, it is the change and feeding rooms we encounter in public spaces, titled Parenting Rooms to be inclusive, but generally still mostly attended by women.

Same name bearing pages on Facebook and websites are parenting blogs, lost in a myriad of similar places of sharing of methods and techniques of parenting, as well as the frustrations and tribulations of it all. They are mainly focused on the baby.

But where is the space for mum, sans baby? Is there such a person at all?

So this is what this blog is about. It is about remembering that a mother’s identity is a complex, fractured, always constructed thing , with constant negotiations around authorship. And this is, then, necessarily a feminine space, but one that welcomes men to be a part of the conversation.

Some thoughts on etiquette…

As the aim of this blog is to nurture a creative and safe space, here are some initial thoughts from me as to what might help from all choosing to comment and participate. Of course, feel free to send me your ideas to add.

Most of all, honesty, thoughtfulness, sensitivity and self-reflection, and keeping in mind that our points of view do not have to be the same, but we can still have a great conversation and real dialogue.

Trust, that whatever is said or posted here is not intended as “the truth” or “judgement” in the worst sense of that word, but always, an attempt to understand something, think about something, create something.


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